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It’s never too early to get ready for Christmas, is it? The CHRISTMAS IN JULY pattern is created using overlay mosaic crochet and is worked in the round. You do not need to cut the yarn after each round, but carry it through the corner instead.

The pattern is rather detailed and consists of four different designs. The approximate size of the blanket working with light weight (DK) yarn will be about 1.5 -1.6 m (59-63 in). The size will depend on your tension, the hook size and the yarn weight you use for the project.
For this pattern you need at least two contrasting colors. I was using six.

TECHNIQUE: Overlay mosaic crochet in the round

• mosaic crochet basics, tips & tricks
• link to a short video tutorial Tips & Tricks how to start/end each round to have neat front and back sides
• link to a short video tutorial to demonstrate how the pattern works (first few rounds)
• charts for each part
• pictures

mr (magic ring/circle), ch/chs (chain/chains), st/sts (stitch/stitches), R/Rs (round/rounds), sc (single crochet), blsc (back loop single crochet), fldc (front loop double crochet).

The CHRISTMAS IN JULY pattern sample was created using the following yarn:

Color A: Stenli Classic Acrylic, 1 (white)
Color B1: Stenli Classic Acrylic, 43 (royal blue)
Color B2: Stenli Classic Acrylic, 144 (mustard)
Color B3: Stenli Classic Acrylic, 36 (dark red)
Color B4: Stenli Classic Acrylic, 47 (grey)
Color B5: Stenli Classic Acrylic, 21 (petrol)
Yarn weight #3 (light/DK)
Fiber content 100% Acrylic
Hook size Clover Amour, 4 mm (G)
Sample size, shape & amount of yarn
Square, 154 cm / 61” from side to side
Color A : 1933 m, 561 g / 2113 yds
Color B1: 336 m, 86 g / 368 yds
Color B2: 560 m, 160 g / 613 yds
Color B3: 695 m, 200 g / 760 yds
Color B4: 385 m, 110 g / 422 yds
Color B5: 672 m, 192 g / 735 yds

You can use any yarn, colors & appropriate hook size that suits your project.
You will get a PDF (3MB) file

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