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This mosaic crochet pattern Fruit Punch is perfect as a stash buster; moreover, you can use not only different colors, but different tones of one color to create a different effect. Are you a fan of a classic look? Then maybe you would like the idea to choose white, grey and black?
BiS - Beauty in Simplicity - series of fast, easy and fun patterns that will be released once a month. Those are really relaxing patterns that do not require too much counting and working on them is rather intuitive so you can enjoy them in between more complicated projects. More over those patterns are available for a special price. Follow #bispattern on Instagram, BebaBlanket on Facebook not to miss those Beauties in Simplicity.

EXPERIENCE LEVEL: Advanced beginner
TECHNIQUE: overlay mosaic crochet (each row worked from front side alternating colors)

• introductory information about mosaic crochet
• links to video tutorials of mosaic crochet basics
• chart with marked X
• optional layout
• written guide (at the end of the pattern) and a short video tutorial how to work the pattern in the round (tube, like collar, headband…).

ch/chs (chain/chains), st/sts (stitch/stitches), R/Rs (row/rows), sc (single crochet), blsc (back loop single crochet), fldc (front loop double crochet).

You can use as many colors as you want. Use a contrasting color for the background. The pattern sample was created using 8 colors.

The FRUIT PUNCH pattern sample was created using the following yarn:

Yarn Color B1: Iceyarns Classic DK, purple, 70036
Color A1: Iceyarns Classic DK, light lilac, 70038
Color B2: Iceyarns Classic DK, light gold, 70015
Color A2: Iceyarns Classic DK, gold, 70021
Color B3: Iceyarns Classic DK, light turquoise, 70341
Color A3: Iceyarns Classic DK, light mint green, 70050
Color B4: Iceyarns Classic DK, light salmon, 70025
Color A4: Iceyarns Classic DK, salmon, 70023
Yarn weight #3 (DK, light)
Fiber content 100% Acrylic
Hook size Clover Amour, 4 mm (G)
Sample size, shape & amount of yarn (width 11 repeats x height 2 repeats) Rectangle. Width 70 cm/27’6 in x height 27 cm/10’6 in
Color B1: 22 g, 63 m / 69 yds
Color A1: 20 g, 57 m / 63 yds
Color B2: 20 g, 57 m / 63 yds
Color A2: 20 g, 57 m / 63 yds
Color B3: 20 g, 57 m / 63 yds
Color A3: 20 g, 57 m / 63 yds
Color B4: 20 g, 57 m / 63 yds
Color A4: 20 g, 57 m / 63 yds

You can use any yarn & appropriate hook size that suits your project.
You will get a PDF (1MB) file

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