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Five Wishes. Overlay mosaic crochet in rows pattern

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The FIVE WISHES pattern includes 5 different designs that you can combine in any order you like. With every design, I share my best wishes for you for 2023.

EXPERIENCE LEVEL: advanced beginner
LANGUAGES & TERMINOLOGY: English (US); English (UK), Dutch, German and Spanish
TECHNIQUE: overlay mosaic crochet in rows
GAUGE: 10x10 cm / 4x4” - 13 sts x 15 Rs

links to introductory information about mosaic crochet basics and video tutorials;
chart for every design with marked Xs and legend (5 designs);
written pattern for every design combined into Layout 1;
detailed information about the yarn amounts used for every design;
3 optional layouts.

ch/chs (chain/chains), st/sts (stitch/stitches), R/Rs (row/rows), stsc (standing single crochet), sc (single crochet), blsc (back loop single crochet), bl (back loop), fl (front loop), fldc (front loop double crochet).

If you are using my “Double Border. Easy Start. Three Magic Steps” technique to make a double border around your project, the first stitch (st) on every row (R) is always a standing center sc (stcsc), the last stitch (st) on every row (R) is always a center sc (csc). You will find more information in the file “Double Border. Easy Start. Three Magic Steps” (see the paragraph “Mosaic crochet basics & useful links”).

If you are new to overlay mosaic crochet and need help in understanding and reading charts, this
video tutorial might be helpful.
A written guide of the overlay mosaic crochet basics plus bonus pattern “Booming Mosaic” (updated! English and German now available)
IMPORTANT! If you plan to work a double border, read the instructions and watch the video tutorial “Double Border. Easy Start. Three Magic Steps” before you start your project (updated! English and German now available)
More useful links 


Yarn weight #4 (worsted/medium) (175 m / 100 g)
Hook size Clover Amour, 6 mm (J)
A1 Hobbii Mega Ball Aran, light gray (24)
A2 Hobbii Mega Ball Aran, powder blush (17)
A3 Hobbii Mega Ball Aran, white (01)
B1 Hobbii Mega Ball Aran, wine (40)
B2 Hobbii Mega Ball Aran, gray (25)
B3 Hobbii Mega Ball Aran, dusty rose (18)
B4 Hobbii Mega Ball Aran, powder blush (17)
B5 Hobbii Mega Ball Aran, mauve (19)

Sample size, shape & amount of yarn (width: 10 repeats, Layout 1) with a border.
Rectangle. Width 94 cm/37” x height 116 cm/45.7” (including 5.5 cm/2.1” border)
A1 66 g, 116 m / 127 yds
A2 12 g, 21 m / 23 yds
A3 74 g, 130 m / 142 yds
B1 28 g, 49 m / 54 yds
B2 13 g, 23 m / 25 yds
B3 20 g, 35 m / 39 yds
B4 43 g, 76 m / 83 yds
B5 25 g, 44 m / 48 yds
A1 34 g, 60 m / 66 yds
A2 28 g, 49 m / 54 yds
A3 32 g, 56 m / 62 yds
B1 38 g, 67 m / 74 yds
B2 56 g, 98 m / 108 yds
B3 34 g, 60 m / 66 yds
B5 40 g, 70 m / 44 yds

You can use any yarn, colors & appropriate hook size that suits your project and create as large/small a project as you wish by adjusting the number of repeats in width and in height.

This pattern was created by BebaBlanket
May, 2022 
This pattern was tested by: Tokkie Diamond, Vilma Cipriani-Ramsey, Carol Brunquell Sutcliffe, Tania Leis, Kim Lategan, Eva Vozis, Judy Leacock, Mirjam Annaars.

Thank you for checking out this pattern! You have a great taste!

You can use the pattern to create any item you want and sell your finished item if you wish, but you have no right to claim that this pattern is created by you, nor may you sell the pattern or share the file of the written pattern and/or videos for free. You have no right to create a video tutorial for this pattern without my written permission.

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