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Useful links to make your crochet life easier

• NEW! Overlay mosaic crochet in rows. Basics, how to read charts, tips. 

Video tutorial

Written guide + pattern Booming Mosaic

• Tips & tricks, how to hide the tails “as-you-go”. 

Video tutorial

NEW! Double Border. Easy Start. Three Magic Steps. 

Written guide (updated)

Video tutorial 

Read the file and watch the video before you start your project.

• NEW! How to work tapestry mosaic crochet. 

Video tutorial

• How to work any overlay mosaic crochet pattern in the round (like a tube). 

Video tutorial

• Mosaic crochet from center out: invisible join and perfect corners.

Video tutorial 


• Grundlagen des Mosaik-Häkelns in Reihen.

• Die Doppelte Bordüre. Einfacher Anfang. Drei Magische Schritte.

• Overlay Mosaik-Häkeln in Runden von der Mitte nach außen


• Mosaic Crochet, Basis. Overlay Mosaic in rijen


Conceptos básicos del ganchillo mosaico. Ganchillo mosaico en hileras