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Cozy Mosaic Cardigan. Tunisian crochet

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EXPERIENCE LEVEL: intermediate / experienced

LANGUAGES & TERMINOLOGY: English (US, UK), German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian

TECHNIQUE: Tunisian crochet and Tunisian mosaic crochet

CONSTRUCTION: top-down, one piece, no sewing, raglan sleeves, open front, hood 

SIZES: S, M, L, XL, 2XL 

PATTERN REPEAT (mosaic part): x 6 +3 for the body, x 6 for the sleeves

GAUGE: 10x10 cm / 4x4” – 18 sts x 19 Rs in TKS (Tunisian knit stitch)

PATTERN FILE SIZE: 38-41 pages (depends on language)

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links to video tutorials with basics and tips for every part

chart with marked Xs and legend (Tunisian mosaic crochet part only)

written pattern for sizes S, M, L, XL, 2XL, size adjustment tips

written pattern for the hood (optional)

a video tutorial: stitches used for Cozy Mosaic Cardigan


ch/chs (chain/chains), st/sts (stitch/stitches), FR (foundation row/the first row of your project), R/Rs (row/rows, for the sleeves: round/rounds), BoffR (bind off row/the last row to finish any part of your project), TKS (Tunisian knit stitch), TSS (Tunisian simple stitch), TfpexS (Tunisian extended front post simple stitch), INC (increase: add one stitch), DEC (decrease, work 2 stitches together), FP (Forward pass), RP (Return pass)

Fphdc (front post half double crochet (in the border only)), Bphdc (back post half double crochet (in the border only))


Yarn weight #3 (light/DK)

Hook size Tunisian 5.5 mm (I) crochet hook with 80 cm cable 


Color A (background color and the color of the entire project): Hobbii Winter Glow Solid, Vintage Denim (07)

Color B (pattern color for mosaic part, last rows of sleeves and edge around the cardigan and hood): Hobbii Winter Glow, Emerald (17)


Size L, with a hood 

Color A: 580 g, 2030 m / 2220 yds

Color B: 150 g, 525 m / 575 yds

This pattern was created by BebaBlanket

February, 2023 

This pattern was tested by: Mirjam Annaars, Tania Leis, Heidrun Liegmann, Suyan Fang, Paulina Smith Maraboli 

Tech editor: Mirjam Annaars


Dutch: Mirjam Annaars

French: Fatima Cabral

German: Heike Berg, Petra Dobrovz

Italian: Sabrina Milani, Debora Fior

Spanish: Alicia Camargo, Andrea Wöhler

Original design by Daiga Talentiene, BebaBlanket designer

© BebaBlanket, 2024

By purchasing this pattern, you agree to the terms of use:

You can use the pattern to create any item you want and sell your finished item if you wish, but you have no right to claim that this pattern is created by you, nor may you sell the pattern or share the file or any parts of the written pattern and/or charts.

You have no right to create a video tutorial for this pattern nor to make translations to other languages without my written permission.

This is an original pattern by BebaBlanket and it is available for purchase only at, or Some of my patterns are available at as well. If you have purchased or found it free somewhere else, please kindly let me know. Appreciate a lot!

Thank you for checking out this pattern! You have a great taste!

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