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Joys of Winter. Overlay mosaic crochet pattern

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English, Deutsch, Nederlands, Français, Suomeksi

My pattern testers know already - l cannot have enough of Christmas theme designs. It just feels magical creating these patterns and working on them! 

Do you feel the same? Are you ready to jump into Christmas mood? 

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EXPERIENCE LEVEL: advanced beginner


TECHNIQUE: overlay mosaic crochet in rows 


GAUGE: 10x10 cm / 4x4” = 18 sts x 17 Rs in blsc, unblocked

PATTERN FILE SIZE: 24-25 pages (depends on language)


links to introductory information about mosaic crochet basics and video tutorials

chart for every design with marked Xs and legend (5 designs), see pages

written pattern for every design combined into Layout 1

detailed information about the yarn amounts used for every design

3 optional layouts 

And... as this is Christmas MAL, it has to be something special, right?

#1 Plus! New quick and easy border! (a written pattern and a video tutorial) 

#2 You will find a small gift, actually 3, after you purchase the pattern. It will be a separate file (sorry, in English only) as it was the last moment decision. I hope you will love it!! 

The MAL is hosted by the “Crochet patterns by BebaBlanket” group on Facebook.

We would love you to join us! 

What does the MAL mean? It means that the entire pattern has been released at once, not part by part, but we will work on this design together! Doesn't it sound fun?!

Special stitches:

right/left-slanted front loop extended double crochet 


For this project I used Winter Glow (Winter Glow Solid) with Diablo held together to add some fluffiness and thickness. 

NOTE: if you do not use two strands of yarn as I did, ignore the yarn amount of colors (2), e.g. A1(2), B2(2), etc.

Yarn weight

#3 (DK/light) (Winter Glow (solid) and Diablo held together)

Hook size

Clover Amour, 4.5 mm


Winter Glow 51% wool, 49% acrylic, 700 m (766 yds) / 200 g

Winter Glow Solid 51% wool, 49% acrylic, 350 m (382 yds) / 100 g

Diablo 40% acrylic, 30% mohair, 30% polyamide, 225 m (246 yds) / 25 g

Color A (background color). All parts 

A(1) Winter Glow Solid Chalk (01) + A(2) Diablo Optic White (01) 

Color B1 (pattern color). Designs/Charts 1 & 5

B1(1) Winter Glow Pistachio/Green Tea/Ice blue/Olive (24) + B1(2) Diablo Sage (54)  

Color B2 (pattern color). Design/Chart 2 

B2(1) Winter Glow Grey/Charcoal/White/Blue (09) + B2(2) Diablo Dusty Light Blue (58)

Color B3 (pattern color). Design/Chart 3

B3(1) Winter Glow Dark Olive/Emerald/Curry/Hunter (23) + B3(2) Diablo Thyme (53)

Color B4 (pattern color). Design/Chart 4

B4(1) Winter Glow Blue/Teal/Grey/Navy Blue (12) + B4(2) Diablo Cornflower (56)


Sample size, shape & amount of yarn (width: 3 repeats in width, 147 sts, 177 Rs, Layout 1) with a border, unblocked.

You will find detailed information about the yarn amounts used for every design next to each Design/Chart.

Rectangle. Width 82 cm/32.3” x height 107 cm/42.1” (including 1.5 cm/0.6” border)

A(1) 267 g, 937 m / 1025 yds

A(2) 106 g, 937 m / 1025 yds

B1(1) 56 g, 196 m / 216 yds

B1(2) 22 g, 196 m / 216 yds

B2(1) 80 g, 280 m / 306 yds

B2(2) 16 g, 280 m / 306 yds

B3(1) 24 g, 120 m / 132 yds

B3(2) 14 g, 120 m / 132 yds

B4(1) 32 g, 112 m / 122 yds

B4(2) 13 g, 112 m / 122 yds

Narrow Puffy border:

A(1) 51 g, 179 m / 196 yds

A(2) 20 g, 179 m / 196 yds

You can use any yarn, color & appropriate hook size that suits your project and create as large/small a project as you wish by adjusting the number of repeats in width and/or in height.

Original design by Daiga Talentiene, BebaBlanket designer

© BebaBlanket, 2023

By purchasing this pattern, you agree to the terms of use:

You can use the pattern to create any item you want and sell your finished item if you wish, but you have no right to claim that this pattern is created by you, nor may you sell the pattern or share the file or any parts of the written pattern and/or charts. 

You have no right to create a video tutorial for this pattern nor to make translations to other languages without my written permission

This pattern was created by BebaBlanket

May, 2022 

This pattern was tested by: Mirjam Annaars, Dana L. Bouchard, Jutta Heisalo, Carol Brunquell Sutcliffe, Tokkie Diamond, Judy Leacock, Eva Vozis, Vilma Cipriani-Ramsey, Margriet Tebbertman, Val Anderson, Simone Howes.

Tech editors: Paulina Smith Maraboli, Mirjam Annaars


Dutch: Mirjam Annaars

Finnish: Jutta Heisalo, Pirkko Riihimäki

French: Johanne Rousseau, Katherine Martinet

German: Silke Karp, Monika Llau

Thank you for checking out this pattern! You have a great taste!

You will get the following files:
  • PDF (15MB)
  • PDF (15MB)
  • PDF (15MB)
  • PDF (15MB)
  • PDF (15MB)
  • PDF (15MB)
  • PDF (4MB)

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